Saturday, January 31, 2009

Going Urban

What happened to my trumer pills? Hidden
in the full sail session of the sierra madre.
Chapellet in furs is your server mode now
a plate sugar of raw philosophy milked
into the gunlines and features. Old fashioned
like that you believe between your plate is
a mountain or sauvignon astringency focused
like a saucy pickle and how you like your steak.
Gleaned, naturally, with a side of between.
Where's the amity brown? Hanger session
anchors the flanks trimmed to the reverb
fizz specialty drifts raw shivers benedicto.

Sloebloom plus three michael sticks drives some
country thing to the mangris cherrykins punch
shoulder grifting cuvee planchet bouillashimmyward.

Honeysugar is vodka for my poultice
and a tasted nest doppelled claustward.

Snack the lift black saged and peared trim to
the hitachi blank or glisten caper plus bottom
hawk drub roasting car in the tuna shave milieu.

Washbucket weisscreams a plasty flummox
nosedrift more forward the slimecrease
innuendo for mercy lord if it weren't
enough you had to go cool plangent
otherwise I'll get you a few ok?

The slow gun of pieces you must live.

[SFCA, 27XII08]

Friday, January 30, 2009

the human referent

part invested in steady -- the arts, employment,
the details of a friendship -- hence the poem -- a flame,
active agent to live in hiding -- unit incarcerate,
the first pounds -- purpose a hue embroidered --
counting my addresses is an aid to writing --
driving in the mission -- I, a dish of writing --
glasswalled research anywhere -- time passes --
ask the crows, inevitably -- deformation of the attack,
the impulse disappears -- reaction to a day, each
fear -- occasionally I was docked -- late hourse we
recognized any at all -- free distinctions
decide impressions -- latent reification -- types
otherwise defining because of it -- a managed
transition -- an imperfect posture of need --
to test our weight against the mutually
projected -- maybe the open seams of a land-
scape -- the driection's paces, old Tolstoy filling
dispersal -- prose collateral composed -- fragments
of character -- cragged skepticism commits to sit --
everywhere is home is what I got, ready to be
overthrown -- they are ones not expecting --
telling you know what about -- the human referent

[summer '08, possibly at orono poetry of the 1970s conference, source if any unknown]