Friday, January 30, 2009

the human referent

part invested in steady -- the arts, employment,
the details of a friendship -- hence the poem -- a flame,
active agent to live in hiding -- unit incarcerate,
the first pounds -- purpose a hue embroidered --
counting my addresses is an aid to writing --
driving in the mission -- I, a dish of writing --
glasswalled research anywhere -- time passes --
ask the crows, inevitably -- deformation of the attack,
the impulse disappears -- reaction to a day, each
fear -- occasionally I was docked -- late hourse we
recognized any at all -- free distinctions
decide impressions -- latent reification -- types
otherwise defining because of it -- a managed
transition -- an imperfect posture of need --
to test our weight against the mutually
projected -- maybe the open seams of a land-
scape -- the driection's paces, old Tolstoy filling
dispersal -- prose collateral composed -- fragments
of character -- cragged skepticism commits to sit --
everywhere is home is what I got, ready to be
overthrown -- they are ones not expecting --
telling you know what about -- the human referent

[summer '08, possibly at orono poetry of the 1970s conference, source if any unknown]

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