Saturday, February 7, 2009

different versions of the same thing

Sail on, Robespierre Pincushion, it's
the Splattered Chunks launch party!
The wash is in and the anthrax scare

is up at Home Depot. Cheap ass burritos
are the bomb you're trimmed up right
now, Fidel. Dipstick for mitre, white

noise for Muddy Waters and solo frisbees
out of hospital. Day plan alteration
muscle blindsided a vacation with my

ten children. A rough spot is cool,
scratch it oooh don't! Pastry sharp
that one is. For over ten years anyway.

Popped up over speed douche, don't shut
the sale up or terrace. His part is
she's standing straight up and picked

the one nobody's ever heard of. Dive-
ish, so do it? Zeitgeist or sign guised?
Tickets, please. Wide eyed is your ass.

I'd be afraid. Well go on the lease
then. Do you have a card with you?
Angles are like standing on a desk.

[duck island, 07II09]

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